About Me

Picture of John Neffenger I’m a self-employed programmer, typographer, and system administrator. I write software for the Java platform, design books with the LaTeX typesetting system, and manage systems running the Ubuntu operating system. Status Six Communications is my sole proprietorship and fictitious business name.

Linux   I’m a longtime fan of Linux. I ran my own Web and e-mail server on the Internet from May 1996 through July 2020. I switched my server to Linux in 2000 and my desktop to Linux in 2006. I even got Ubuntu onto primetime TV way back in 2005 when a friend asked me to write 30 seconds of “geek speek” for his episode of Veronica Mars.

Languages   I’m also a fan of Java once again. The path I took in learning programming languages was: BASIC → Fortran → Pascal → COBOL → Series/1 EDL → Series/1 Assembly → Rexx → C → System/370 Assembly → C++ → Java. The path I took in learning human languages was: English → French → Italian → French (although I still struggle with French).


My first programming job after university was a summer internship at Uludağ University in Bursa, Turkey. After the summer, I joined IBM as a systems programmer, first in Palo Alto, California, then in Rome, Italy, then back in Mountain View, California. After leaving IBM, I started my own business as a proprietary software developer and member of a Limited Liability Company in California and Washington. I now live in Vancouver, British Columbia, and spend much of my time working on open-source software.

Status Six Communications

2013–Present • Sole Proprietor • Vancouver BC

Open-source software developer. Contributor to the JavaFX graphics module, Java 2D client library, Apache NetBeans IDE, and AdoptOpenJDK build team.

Volano Software

1996–2013 • Sole Proprietor • San Francisco CA • Vancouver BC

Author of the VOLANO™ chat server, a proprietary software package written in Java and licensed to customers in 50 countries. Managing member of Volano LLC in the states of California and Washington.

IBM Corporation

1984–1996 • Staff Programmer • Palo Alto CA • Rome, Italy • Mountain View CA

Systems programmer implementing communication protocols and application frameworks for personal computers, workstations, minicomputers, and mainframes. Contributor to the IBM Series/1 Event Driven Executive Communications Facility, the IBM Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)/Communications Subsystem, and the Taligent CommonPoint Application System.