My contributions to open-source projects other than my own are listed below. Those that required more time and effort are marked with a star (⭐️). A separate page lists my security contributions in more detail.

In Progress

NetBeans ⭐️
Build downloads fail due to response code 503
Opened on 2022-06-07
OpenJFX ⭐️
Enable reproducible builds with SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
Opened on 2021-03-30



Having created secure packages of my development tools in 2022, my goals this year are to finish the two long-running contributions shown in progress above and to work on my own open-source projects.

Import local schema to avoid DNS lookup in build
1 added, 1 deleted on 2023-01-07


I continued the security work I started in 2021 by making related contributions to the OpenJDK, NetBeans, and Tomcat projects. These changes allowed me to create strictly-confined Snap packages of my entire toolchain: OpenJDK, OpenJFX, Maven, and NetBeans. Two years after first reading about SolarWinds, I’m now starting to feel slightly less worried about supply-chain attacks on the software I use in development.

Allow reproducible builds of all JDBC JAR files
9 added, 3 deleted on 2022-11-21
Import local schema to avoid DNS lookup in build
272 added, 66 deleted on 2022-11-08
OpenJDK ⭐️
Javadoc index descriptions are not deterministic
320 added, 2 deleted on 2022-09-21
Save cause of download error for BuildException
2 added, 1 deleted on 2022-03-26
Clarify that the license identifier is deprecated
1 added, 1 deleted on 2022-01-04


In December 2020, I learned of the SolarWinds attack and became increasingly worried about the software on my system. I started adding features that prevent or detect such attacks to each of the projects I use in my own software development. Those features include basic security measures, such as dependency verification, and longer-term goals, such as verified reproducible builds.

OpenJFX ⭐️
Add Gradle dependency verification
321 added, 12 deleted on 2021-05-03
OpenJFX Docs
Add NETBEANS-3296 link about Javadoc and Sources
4 added, 1 deleted on 2021-04-13
LocalDateTimeStringConverterTest fails in Canada
1 added, 4 deleted on 2021-03-23
Add Gradle Wrapper Validation Action
11 added, 3 deleted on 2021-03-09
Configure Gradle checksum verification
1 added, 0 deleted on 2021-02-23


It took all of 2020 for me to complete the JavaFX project that I started in 2019 and to fix the bugs I found while implementing the support for e-paper displays.

zForce touchscreen input device fails when closed and immediately reopened
2 added, 2 deleted on 2020-12-14
Fix build of Monocle for Linux
1 added, 1 deleted on 2020-12-11
Create a daemon thread for MonocleTimer
7 added, 1 deleted on 2020-07-21
OpenJFX ⭐️
QuantumRenderer modifies buffer in use by JavaFX Application Thread
26 added, 6 deleted on 2020-07-10
Get two bytes for the Linux input event type, not four
1 added, 1 deleted on 2020-07-02
OpenJFX ⭐️
Add support for e-paper displays on i.MX6 devices
236 added, 45 deleted on 2020-04-29
Change .pdf file type to Portable Document Format
1 added, 1 deleted on 2020-02-03


My efforts in 2018 to learn GitHub and the workings of the OpenJDK project were for one purpose: to add JavaFX support for e-paper displays in 2019. I had been working on the feature in my spare time for years, so I was grateful to find the people in the JavaFX project so helpful and welcoming.

NetBeans Website
Use KEYS for the link to KEYS
1 added, 1 deleted on 2019-11-04
NetBeans Website
Add Snap package to download page
1 added, 0 deleted on 2019-10-07
NetBeans Website
1 added, 0 deleted on 2019-10-07
4 added, 2 deleted on 2019-10-07
Add Client VM to builds for Linux arm32 platform
1 added, 1 deleted on 2019-05-11
OpenJFX ⭐️
Add support for e-paper displays
3,588 added, 2 deleted on 2019-04-16


I got started with Git and GitHub in July 2018 by fixing some typographical errors in the Standard Ebooks edition of Flatland, by Edwin A. Abbott. In October, I started to contribute in earnest by fixing an old pair of font bugs in Java and JavaFX.

OpenJDK ⭐️
Need to set the FreeType LCD Filter to reduce fringing
3 added, 0 deleted on 2018-10-16 (commit)
Fonts are blurry on Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian 9
1 added, 12 deleted on 2018-10-03
Standard Ebooks
Remove double occurrence of the word “we”
1 added, 1 deleted on 2018-08-04
Standard Ebooks
Fix typos
1 added, 1 deleted on 2018-07-31